• 2022.11.09


    Dr. Morimoto has been awarded a young scientist award at 61st Annual Meeting of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Society of Japan.

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  • 2022.06.09


    Dr. Morimoto has been awarded a PSSJ young scientist award at 22nd Annual Meeting of Protein Science Society of Japan.

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  • 2022.05.17

    ナノダイヤモンドに関する論文がNanoscale Advances誌のインサイドフロントカバーに選ばれました。

    Our article on nanodiamonds has been selected as the inside front cover picture of Nanoscale Advances.

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  • 2022.04.01


    Dr. Sugase has been appointed as a professor of Division of Applied Sciences, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University.

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  • 混雑環境がタンパク質の構造揺らぎと異常凝集体形成に影響を与える

    森本 大智、Erik Walinda、菅瀬 謙治

    月刊「細胞」2023年 3月号

    北隆館のサイトへ: Link to the website of HOKURYUKA
  • Distance measurements between 5 nanometer diamonds – single particle magnetic resonance or optical super-resolution imaging?

    Pinotsi, D., Tian, R., Anand, P., Miyanishi, K., Boss, JM., Chang, KK., Welter, P., So, FTK., Terada, D., Igarashi, R., Shirakawa, M., Degenb, CL., and Segawa, TF.

    Nanoscale Adv., 2023, in press

  • Rheo-NMR spectroscopy for cryogenic-probe-equipped NMR instruments to monitor protein aggregation.

    Morimoto, D., Walinda, E., Yamamoto, A., Scheler, U., and Sugase, K.

    Curr. Protoc., 2022, 2, e617

  • Counter-flow phenomena studied by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) velocimetry and flow simulations.

    Kohn, BD., Walinda, E., Sugase, K., Morimoto, D., and Scheler, U.

    Phys. Fluids, 2022, 34, 073608

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