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Our recent research about organic nanowire formation was commeded!

Mar. 2017

Mr. Tsutsui won the Lecture Award on 63th JSAP spring meeting and gave his Lecture on 77th JSAP autumn meeting!
Mr. Matsuta won the Poster Award on 27th symposium on physical organic chemistry!

Sep. 2016

Our recent research about organic nanowire formation was published in Nanoscale (Selected as Front Cover).

Aug. 2016

Dr. Sakamaki won the 32nd Inoue Research Award for Young Scientists!
Assistant Professor Sakurai won the Award for Encouragement of Research in the 25th Annual Meeting of MRS-J!
Mr. Tomita won the Poster Award on 5th CSJ chemistry festa!

Feb. 2016

Mr. Tomita won the Poster Award on 26th symposium on physical organic chemistry!

Sep. 2015

Restart now and here!

Apr. 2015

Dr. Vikas S. PADALKAR received a Certificate of Appreciation from JSPS.

Mar. 2015

Engineering Ph,D course academic degree award ceremony (Osaka University)

Mar. 2015

Forever brilliance of a diamond anvil cell (DAC)

Sep. 2014

Review paper

Measuring charge carrier mobility. A review from our lab. for your reference.

Apr. 2014


Development of novel polyme for OPV was publihsed in Adv. Funct. Mater.

Jan. 2014

Press release

Development of Microwave-Assisted Technique to Evaluate Charge Carrier Transport at Semiconductor-Insulator Interfaces
Scientific Reports
Details of Research

Nov. 2013

Award from President, Osaka University.!

Congratulations dear Saeki sensei !

Aug. 2013

The Best Paper Award 2013

top image of the past The Prize for Young Scientists

The Photopolymer Science and Technology Award 132200.

Jul. 2013

The Prize for Young Scientists

top image of the past The Prize for Young Scientists

Assistant Professor Saeki got the Prize for Young Scientists by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Jan. 2013


top image of the past Thienoisoindigo

Our recent research about novel thienoisoindigo-based copolymers was published in Polym. Chem. (Selected as Back Cover).

Apr. 2013

Xe-flash TRMC

top image of the past Xe-flash TRMC

Our recent research was published in J. Am. Chem. Soc., concerning the device-less evaluation of organic photovoltaic performances. The article was also highlighted in Nikkankogyo Shinbun, Nikkeisangyo Shinbun, Kagaku Shinbun, and other web-based news.

Dec. 2012

Scientific Reports

top image of the past Scientific ReportsC

Fullerene nanowire as a versatile platform for
oraganic electronics

Our recent research about organic photovoltaic devices using fullerene-nanowires was published in Sci. Rep., an open-access journal by Nature Publishing Group. The article was also highlighted in Asahi Shinbun and Nihonkeizai Shinbun.

Oct. 2012

TRMC System

top image of the past TRMC System

Our TRMC system was updated.

Jul. 2012

New Desk

top image of the past New Desk

New desks were prepared for the coming new members!!

Mar. 2012

“Kintaikyo Hoka”

top image of the past“Kintaikyo Hoka”

“Kintaikyo Hoka”, a work of art by Dr. Takano.


top image of the past polymers

A photograph of organic photovoltaic cells from our novel polymers.

Mar. 2012

Poster Award

top image of the past Poster Award

Mrs. Asano and Maeyoshi won the Poster Award on the annual meeting of The Materials Research Society of Japan (MRSJ) 2011.

Feb. 2012

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過去のトップページ画像 ポスター賞受賞!

Ms. Marui won the Poster Award on the Japan-Taiwan Bilateral Workshop on Nano-Science 2011.

Nov. 2011


過去のトップページ画像 出雲大社

We visited Shimane prefecture as an annual lab trip. Photographed at the Izumo Taisha shrine.

Nov. 2011


過去のトップページ画像 TIARA

A picture of cyclotron machines in TIARA (Takasaki Ion Accelerators for Advanced Radiation Applications). We carry out ion-beam radiation experiments here.

Oct. 2011, -A. Asano

Nature 2

過去のトップページ画像 Nature 2

A landscape picture at Sandanbeki in Wakayama prefecture. Sea is awesome!

Sep. 2011, -Y. Honsho


過去のトップページ画像 Nature

A landscape picture at Odaigahara in Nara prefecture. Seeing nature is nice.

Aug. 2011, -T. Fujiwara

Recycling HPLC

過去のトップページ画像 Recycling HPLC

A recycling preparative HPLC system has been just available in our laboratory. We can purify organic compounds by this system.

Aug. 2011, -T. Fukumatsu

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Adv. Energy Mater. cover page

過去のトップページ画像 Adv. Energy Mater. cover page

Our recent research about analytical methods of organic photovoltaic cells using TRMC technique was selected as Cover Page in Adv. Energy Mater.

Jul. 2011, -M. Tsuji


過去のトップページ画像 共役高分子ナノワイヤ

AFM images of nanowires fabricated from semiconducting plastics by using our single-particle nanofabrication technique.

Jul. 2011, - Y. Maeyoshi


過去のトップページ画像 ATOM

Finally a scanning tunneling microscope was available. An image of silicon surface by a STM probe at 10^-9 Pa.

Jun. 2011, - S. Seki

過去のトップページ画像 和

A photograph at Sanzenin in Kyoto, projecting Japanese elegance.

May 2011, -Y. Yasutani


過去のトップページ画像 美パネル展

A photograph of a certain type of cherry blossoms bloomed in early May. At the peak bloom date, even leaves look beautiful. It’s fun to see cherry blossoms in each area of Japan and eat delicious foods with seeing them.

Apr. 2011, -Y. Fujiie

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過去のトップページ画像 Hawaii

Pacifichem 2010, an International conference on chemistry, was held in Hawaii on last December. On my way from the conference building to the hotel, I stop at Waikiki beach to take a rest, and then…

Mar. 2011, -Y. Honsho


過去のトップページ画像 堤杯決勝戦@京セラドーム

We won the final match of “Tsutsumi-hai”, knockout-style baseball games in our department, toward Hirao laboratory at Kyocera Dome Osaka. The final score is 5 to 1!!

Feb. 2011, -T. Fukumatsu


過去のトップページ画像 研究室旅行

We visited Himeji in Hyogo prefecture as a lab trip. A group photo of our lab members taken at Koukoen, adjacent to Himeji Castle.

Dec. 2010, -S. Enomoto


過去のトップページ画像 イオン性液体

My research topic is “Fabrication of nanowires from ionic liquids”. What you see in the upper side in the picture is ionic liquids in sample tubes. I feel a frustration at the absence of nanowires in samples so far…but I will try my best!!

Nov. 2010, -H. Marui


過去のトップページ画像 電子線リソグラフィ

A scanning electron microscope is available in our laboratory. Here is a positive type photoresist pattern as a test experiment drawn on an electron beam resist (ZEP-520A).

Oct. 2010, -A. SAEKI

Time-Resolved Microwave Conductivity (TRMC)

過去のトップページ画像 Time-Resolved Microwave Conductivity (TRMC)

Uploading the graphic image used in the first slide in my oral presentation. A schematic illustration of electrode-less evaluation of anisotropic conduction in single crystals, together with that of our TRMC system.

Oct. 2010, -A. SAEKI

September-A Night View!

過去のトップページ画像 September-A Night View!

A photograph around Senri-Chuo, seen from our laboratory. Night views in autumn are so beautiful.

Sep. 2010, -S. SEKI

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